WFA holds Latin America Regional meetings in Asunción, Paraguay


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On March 8-9th, WFA held its annual Latin American Regional Network meeting in Asunción, Paraguay with the support of the local advertiser association: Cámara de Anunciantes del Paraguay (CAP).

The meeting brought together directors from WFA's network of advertiser associations, as well as leading regional and local corporate contacts from companies with a key stake in the region.

The meetings focused on themes covering marketing and advocacy issues:
- Responsible food and alcohol marketing communications: the latest global developments and ramifications for Latin American markets.
- Media Smart: teaching children to be media literate
- An introduction to digital marketing and privacy issues
- Understanding return on investment
- Media transparency
- Roundtable discussions on the latest developments and challenges in the region.

Download press coverage of the event or read coverage of previous meetings here. A larger selection of photos from the event can be seen in our gallery.

For further information please contact Karine Lesuisse

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