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French competition authority says Google online search adverts "dominant"

The French competition authority has stated that Google holds a dominant position in the online advertising market linked to search engines.
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EU adopts report on "the Impact of Advertising on Consumer Behaviour"

Today the European Parliament formally adopted the own-initiative report of Philippe Juvin (EPP, France) on: "The impact of advertising on consumer behaviour".
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Web spending to hit 18% of global ad outlays in 2013

Worldwide advertising spending will continue to recover next year, led by expanded Internet marketing and outlays in emerging economies,.
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Procurement is good for you

It's time to stop being negative about advertising procurement. Research proves that it can help agencies become more efficient.
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WFA research shows procurement focus evolves from reducing cost to all-round efficiency

Research by the World Federation of Advertisers and marketing effectiveness consultancy Spire has identified five stages in the evolution of a company's marketing sourcing expertise.
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FTC Privacy Report proposes "Do Not Track" mechanism

The Federal Trade Commission, an independent agency of the US government, issued a long-awaited preliminary staff report on "Protecting Consumers Privacy in an Era of Rapid Change".
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WFA Comment & Analysis: How the internet accelerates marketers regulatory challenges

The rise of the internet also raises legitimate public concerns around privacy.
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