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Spanish Congress adopts restrictions on food advertising to children

On 16 June, the Spanish Congress adopted a Law on Food Safety and Nutrition. This Law aims to regulate food safety and certain aspects of food advertising, and seeks, in particular, to protect children and to curb obesity.
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WFA webinar: revealing the first results of our IMC scorecard

The IMC Scorecard is a benchmarking tool created by the WFA. It allows member companies to evaluate their readiness in relation to integrated marketing communications.
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New EU rules for online 'cookies'

As of 26 May, new rules on using online cookies are expected to enter into force across the EU in the context of the revised EU ePrivacy Directive.
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“Public Health Nutrition” publishes global review of food marketing Pledges

In the current edition of the “Public Health Nutrition” Journal, Corinna Hawkes from the Centre for Food Policy in the UK and Jennifer L. Harris from the Yale Rudd Center, review and analyse the various “food industry pledges” on marketing to children.
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eMarketer: “Success beyond the like button”

Marketers must look beyond fan count to find real success
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UK's Advertising Association to launch children's panel to examine ad industry practices

The Advertising Association (AA) is to launch an expert industry panel to examine industry practices around advertising and marketing communications to children.
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First principles of ad ethics launched in China

WFA & CANA held a press conference on April 11 to announce the first cross-industry principles on advertising ethics in China
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