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EU Commission probes allegations of antitrust violations by Google

The European Commission has decided to open an antitrust investigation into allegations that Google Inc. has abused a dominant position in online search, in violation of European Union rules.
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WFA holds Asia-Pacific Network meeting in Manila

On 20-21 October, WFA held a meeting of its Asia-Pacific Network in Manila, Philippines.
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WFA holds APAC Media & Marketing network meetings in Singapore

On 6th October WFA brought together regional marketers and media specialists from its APAC Media and Marketing Network in Singapore.
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Advertisers regret Google trademark policy change

The World Federation of Advertisers regrets that the brand and trademark owners, important clients of Google, were not consulted on Google's new AdWords trademark policy for the European region.
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Industry shifts food marketing mix to children

A major effort has been made to put advertising spend behind "better for you" products or to move out of children's airtime altogether.
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LatAm advertisers release declaration on advertising

Latin American National Advertiser Associations have co-signed a declaration on the freedom of commercial communications.
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EU Health Commissioner says ban on advertising food to children "not needed"

Health Commissioner John Dalli has rejected any move for the EU to impose restrictions on the advertising and marketing of foods high in fat, sugar or salt to children.
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WFA holds Latin America regional meetings in Mexico

On July 19-21, WFA co-hosted its 8th Annual Latin America Regional Meeting together with AGNA Mexico in Mexico City.
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