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Industry shifts food marketing mix to children

A major effort has been made to put advertising spend behind "better for you" products or to move out of children's airtime altogether.
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LatAm advertisers release declaration on advertising

Latin American National Advertiser Associations have co-signed a declaration on the freedom of commercial communications.
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EU Health Commissioner says ban on advertising food to children "not needed"

Health Commissioner John Dalli has rejected any move for the EU to impose restrictions on the advertising and marketing of foods high in fat, sugar or salt to children.
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WFA holds Latin America regional meetings in Mexico

On July 19-21, WFA co-hosted its 8th Annual Latin America Regional Meeting together with AGNA Mexico in Mexico City.
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WFA survey examines practice of charging agencies a fee to pitch

In a recent (July) survey of over 35 multi-national corporate members, WFA found that the practice of clients charging agencies a fee to pitch is uncommon amongst its members.
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WFA responds to opinion on online behavioural advertising

WFA has in collaboration with its industry partners coordinated a common response to the Opinion of the Article 29 Working Party on Online Behavioural Advertising.
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WFA offers five things you need to know about media auditing in APAC

Media auditing is on the rise globally. WFA's APAC Media & Marketing Network shareas five things marketers should know about media auditing.
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