Peer groups

Photo of WFA meeting


Exclusively for client-side global Chief Marketing Officers (or equivalent brand heads). WFA's flagship group meets annually.

Chair: Martin Riley, CMO Pernod-Ricard

Meeting dates:

  • TBC


Integrated marketing communications specialists and global brand leaders tackle how to measure IMC effectiveness, create a simple framework for IMC and generate big ideas that drive business.

Chair: Geoff Seeley, Unilever

Meeting dates:

  • 18-Feb  Singapore
  • 16-Apr  London
  • 6-May   Mexico
  • 16-Sep  Singapore
  • 29-Oct   London

Topics include:
  1. Setting the right KPIs
  2. IMC ROI, i.e. demonstrating the return on integrated approaches
  3. Align leadership behind an integrated approach
  4. Resource: recruiting and empowering specialised staff to lead IMC efforts
  5. Generating big ideas to work across multiple channels

Global/Regional Media Directors address media auditing, media cost control, digital media, pitching and accountability strategies, and other subjects related to media management.

Chair: Ben Jankowski, Mastercard

Meeting dates:

  • 12-Feb  Europe
  • 20-May  Europe
  • 24-Jun  China
  • 24-Sep  New York
  • 19-Nov  India
  • 10-Dec  Europe

Topics include:
  1. Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI)
  2. Agency management & collaboration (incl. pitching)
  3. Transparency with agencies and in media buying (incl. trading desks and rebates)
  4. Digital media ecosystem (incl. ad visibility/verification and measurement)
  5. Innovation in media

Interactive marketing experts take on digital agency management, strategies for internal digital resource and structure, improving digital accountability, social media and mobile marketing.

Chair: Cate Moore, Diageo

Meeting dates:

  • 26-Feb  Europe
  • 2-Jul   Europe
  • 17-Sep  Singapore
  • 5-Nov   Europe

Topics include:
  1. Performance and measurement: digital KPIS & understanding ROI/ROO
  2. Digital integration into the marketing mix
  3. Social media marketing
  4. Mobile marketing
  5. E/social commerce

A forum dedicated to marketing sourcing specialists aiming to deliver greater value on agency compensation models and performance metrics, roster management, RFI formulation, supply chain efficiency etc.

Chair: Thomas Holpfazel, Deutsche Telekom AG

Meeting dates:

  • 22-Jan  London (Unilever)
  • 23-Apr  Zug, Switzerland (J&J)
  • 25-Jun  China
  • 9-Sep  Europe
  • 15-Oct  Singapore
  • 3-Dec  New York