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WFA's #BetterMarketing Pod

How to be a great senior leader | WFA #BetterMarketingPod with Jane Wakely, PepsiCo

What we can learn from emerging markets | WFA #BetterMarketingPod with Cristina Diezhandino, Diageo

WFA #BetterMarketingPod with David Wheldon | Episode #28: Alberto Levy, Grupo Bimbo

WFA #BetterMarketingPod with David Wheldon | Episode #27: Nick Clegg, Meta

WFA #BetterMarketingPod with David Wheldon | Episode #26: Raja Rajamannar, Mastercard

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The Global DEI Census 2023: Top 10 findings

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WFA Global Marketer Week 2023: Highlights from Istanbul

How can marketing be part of the solution to a sustainable future?

Cristina Diezhandino, Diageo: WFA Global Marketer of the Year 2022 shortlist interview

WFA #MarketingMatters 2022 | Highlights

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  1. In a vast expanse of information about the agency world and the brands they serve, what focal points merit our attention in the ever-evolving brand/agency landscape, and how can we effectively navigate the common challenges brands encounter when working with agencies?

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  2. Join our live Q&A session to understand how Google is implementing the Digital Services Act and how it will impact advertising on its services.

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  3. Open to all GARM members

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  4. Sourcing Forum

    10 Jan 2024

    Boasting over a 1700 marketing sourcing contacts around the world, the Sourcing Forum has been referred to as a group of “enlightened marketing procurement specialists”.

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  5. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the quality of unpaid website traffic, based on how successfully an organisation’s digital content satisfies specific search terms. Keyword research is a great indication of consumer motivations and market demand too.

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