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For senior experts from a broad range of functions, including marketing, legal, policy and compliance.

WFA’s Digital Governance Exchange brings together senior experts from a broad range of functions, including public affairs, marketing, legal and compliance to discuss digital governance challenges facing companies in a data-driven, hyper-connected world.

For this remote meeting, there will be 3 sessions available for different time zones, you will be able to choose the session(s) you'd like to attend during the registration process:

Session 1: Competition & digital advertising
09.00-10.30 (LONDON) · 10.00-11.30 (BRUSSELS) · 16.00-17.30 (SINGAPORE)

Session 2: Liability & the digital ad supply chain
14.00-15.30 (LONDON) · 15.00-16.30 (BRUSSELS)

Session 3: The future of cookies & identity
08.30-10.00 (SAN FRANCISCO) · 11.30-13.00 (NEW YORK) · 12.30-14.00 (BRASILIA) · 16.30-18.00 (LONDON) · 17.30-19.00 (BRUSSELS)

Full agenda available here


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