About Webinar: Shaping The Marketer of the Future – An APAC perspective

Webinar: Shaping The Marketer of the Future – An APAC perspective - About

Join us as we unveil WFA’s largest global study with a special lens on APAC markets.

This project boasts qualitative interviews with some of the world’s leading CMOs as well as a quantitative study amongst almost 700 senior marketers from 32 countries around the world.

Independent research agency 2CV, will present the headline findings with a comparison of Asia-Pacific markets to global results. This project was made possible through partnership with WFA’s network of national advertiser associations.
Pratik Thakar, IMC Director, The Coca-Cola Company and Spencer Lee, CEO-Big Loyalty, AirAsia will also share their perspectives on the topic, and how Asian Marketers can step into the forefront as Marketers of The Future.

• Spencer Lee, AirAsia
• Pratik Thakar, The Coca-Cola Company
• David Porter, Unilever
• James Redden, 2CV
• Michael Murphy, 2CV
• Ranji David, WFA (moderator)

4pm Singapore | 9am London | Other timezones - REGISTER HERE

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