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  For global/regional Chief Marketing Officers

The WFA CMO Forum provides a unique network of global and regional marketing leaders with a platform to better navigate the fast-changing global marketing landscape. 

Date and time: 8 October 4:00 PM Singapore time | 10:00 AM Brussels 
Duration: 90 minutes

In this meeting we will go behind the scenes of campaigns created in the year for a deeper look at how marketing transformation is impacting:

  • processes: new ways of working, fresh ways of collaboration
  • capabilities: evolving team structures & skillsets, internally and externally
  • leadership: what it takes to lead dynamic teams in a virtual environment
In this session, we will have inspiration from Pratik Thakar (The Coca-Cola Company) & Rupen Desai (Dole), followed by round-table discussions with all participants.

This Chatham House session will not be recorded but will work within the framework of our competition law compliance policy.


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