About External event: Compounding Creative: An Urgent Q4 Wake-Up Call

External event: Compounding Creative: An Urgent Q4 Wake-Up Call - About

This holiday season, marketers are facing their biggest decisions at a point of maximum pressure. Delivery fatigue and the budget crunch are real. And it’s leading to complacency around creative effectiveness in digital campaigns that could make or break your campaigns.

Automated Creative have surveyed a wide range of senior marketing leaders, drawn lessons from over 6 Billion impressions served through our in-house platform, and worked with leading client partners and industry experts to bring you a series of recommendations to overcome your challenges this quarter, maximise your budgets and deliver business success.

We’ve found:

  • Over one third of marketers are not optimising digital campaigns in-flight at all
  • A majority of senior marketers surveyed said they do not have access to the information they need to make performance optimisation decisions during campaigns
  • And many point to a lack of collaboration or understanding between media and creative partners that would allow them to act in a timely fashion

From shocking holiday stats around media waste, to what your agency doesn’t know - and media can’t tell you - this event delves into it all.

Join Automated Creative and senior guest speakers for a virtual event on September 28 to discover how 2023’s highest performing marketers are using in-flight optimization to drive creative effectiveness, re-energize their teams, and leap beyond Q4 targets.

We’ll look at how you can improve both your time to make key decisions, and the crucial next step of turning that into action - fast.

Validate, optimise and accelerate your Q4 campaigns in the way they deserve: don’t miss out on this brand-new guide to holiday success.