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  1.    Survey on sourcing PR
    Agency managementMarketing procurement

    Survey on sourcing PR

    Survey on how members source Public Relations suppliers and agencies, the trends within the category and how investment is…

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  2.    Survey on sourcing print suppliers
    Agency review & pitchingMarketing procurement

    Survey on sourcing print suppliers

    Survey on category management of Print - working with suppliers, regional print hub models, remunerations and use of print…

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  1. CMO Forum APAC

    26 Nov 2020

    For global/regional Chief Marketing Officers

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  2. For senior experts from a broad range of functions, including marketing, legal, policy and compliance.

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  3. IFBA M2K - Monthly Call

    Remote Belgium

    01 Dec 2020

    International Food and Beverage Alliance

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  4. Sourcing Forum

    02 Dec 2020

    Boasting over a 1200 marketing sourcing contacts around the world, the Sourcing Forum has been referred to as a group of “enlightened marketing procurement specialists”.

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