Call for submissions: WFA President’s Awards 2022

Call for submissions: WFA President’s Awards 2022

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WFA to honor President’s Awards winners at Global Marketer Week in Athens in April

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9 December 2021

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The annual WFA President’s Awards look to recognise industry initiatives led by national advertiser associations in different markets which are helping advance the marketer’s agenda and are contributing to positive change in the industry and society.

National associations in WFA membership are invited to nominate their innovative programmes and activities that have made a real difference to their members and the marketing industry in 2021. These initiatives can cover areas related to organisational transformation, cross-industry collaboration, capability and talent development, marketing effectiveness, media transparency, self-regulation, ethics and responsible marketing, diversity & inclusion, sustainability and so on.

National associations wishing to submit their entries should do so by January 28th 2022 by filling in the submission form.

Submissions will be evaluated by the WFA Executive Committee. The winning initiatives will be selected by WFA President and Mastercard CMCO Raja Rajamannar and honoured during Global Marketer Week 2022 in Athens on April 7.

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Previous editions were held in Istanbul, Brussels, Marrakech, Toronto, Tokyo and Lisbon. Previous winners in 2010, 2013, 20152017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 include: CAA (Argentina), AANA (Australia), UBA Belgium, ABA (Brazil), ANDA Chile, CANA (China), ANDA Colombia, Marketing Finland, Union des marques (France), ISA (India), AAI (Ireland), UPA (Italy), JAA (Japan), GAM (Morocco), ANZA (New Zealand), ANFO (Norway), PAS (Pakistan), CAP (Paraguay), ANDA Peru, APAN (Portugal), SOZ (Slovenia), Sveriges Annonsörer (Sweden), RVD (Turkey), ISBA (UK) and ANA (US).

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