Marketing Organisation & Strategy

Marketing Organisation & Strategy

  1.    IMC FORUM Meeting Overview June 2013 London
    Integrated marketing

    IMC FORUM Meeting Overview June 2013 London


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  2. Brand purpose

    How important is it for brands to have a “purpose”?

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    1. ePrivacy task force

      Brussels Belgium

      18 Dec 2019

      WFA’s ePrivacy task force brings together policy leads from within WFA membership to discuss, plan and develop advocacy and outreach on the EU ePrivacy Regulation. For more information, contact Catherine Armitage.

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    2. Digital Governance Exchange

      London United Kingdom

      12 Feb 2020

      For senior experts from a broad range of functions, including marketing, legal, policy and compliance.

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    3. Policy Action Group

      Brussels Belgium

      18 Feb 2020

      For senior European public/government affairs professionals and national advertiser associations

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    4. Responsible Advertising and Children

      Brussels Belgium

      19 Feb 2020

      Open to anyone with a stake in marketing and children

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WFA is the only global organisation representing the common interests of marketers. It brings together the biggest markets and marketers worldwide, representing roughly 90% of all the global marketing communications spend, almost US$ 900 billion annually. WFA champions responsible and effective marketing communications.

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