Integrated Marketing

Integration Forum

Integration Forum

The Integration Forum is designed to help senior global and regional marketing leaders to maximise the effectiveness of their investment, through a focus on creating and evolving integrated marketing solutions.

Described as a “pioneering group”, this forum addresses the increasing complexity of our ecosystem, including fragmentation, internal silos, agency rosters, and the need to evolve global, regional and local capabilities. By leveraging tools and through peer-to-peer meetings, this group focuses on solutions to delivering consistent brand behaviours to drive profitable growth.

Integration is typically cited as one of the top three priorities for all WFA members. This group was created in 2009 to help members address just that. Eight years on, members now draw on the collective knowledge of over 600+ global and regional marketers who meet in Europe, APAC and MENA. Regular agenda items include content marketing, marketing capabilities, agency collaboration, global partnerships, CDJs and measuring the return from integrated marketing.

In 2018, the Integration Forum welcomed its first MENA Chair, Coca-Cola’s Head of Integrated Marketing Communications for the Middle East, Islam ElDessouky.



Both internal and external resources and capabilities.


The mechanisms in place to deliver integration, including generating big ideas, agency briefing, feedback and internal/external alignment.


Setting the right KPIs and using the best tools and processes to better understand the return on these objectives and investment.


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