The Customer Framework


The Customer Framework (TCF) is a leading global management consultancy focused on helping organisations deliver business growth by making REAL change happen.

We are dedicated to helping organisations create a future fit Marketing & Sales function that is equipped to deliver lasting business growth in the digital world.

We help organisations clarify purpose, build agile operational plans and then support relevant teams to make the change happen…and to make it last.

Our proven methodology – called SCHEMA® - focuses organisations on the priorities that deliver rapid commercial benefits.

With decades of experience working on transformation programs with many of the world’s leading brands across a wide range of industries, we are the ideal partners to bring best practice, benchmarks and insights into exactly how to realise real and lasting operational change.

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WFA’s strategic partnerships are non-exclusive. WFA does not make judgments on the quality or the performance of these companies. As our partners, they simply act as a first port of call for us to deliver value to our members in their respective areas of expertise. Any work with our partners operates within the boundaries of WFA’s competition compliance policy.

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