Alcohol Advertising Heatmap

Global Alcohol Advertising Heatmap

Global Alcohol Advertising Heatmap

The WFA Global Alcohol Advertising Heatmap is a tool for WFA members providing a snapshot of regulations on alcohol advertising globally.

• The Heatmap is updated based on the availability of information (mainly most developed economies as well as major developing markets).
• Country information can be accessed from the global map by clicking on the desired country or by browsing the slides arranged in alphabetical order.
• Colours (per country/per media) are an overall assessment of their respective situations and do not necessarily reflet the sector only rules as they might differ significantly from one category to another.
• These assessments are made based on both statutory and self-regulatory rules.

This mapping is an on-going WFA effort and benefits from any insights that can be shared with WFA staff.

This mapping contains:

Heat maps
• Most recent legislative developments
• Global overview of regulations (by country)
• Global overview of formal and self-regulatory codes (by country)
• Statutory TV watershed bans (by country)
• Health warning requirements (by country)
• Global overview of regulations on zero alcohol beverage marketing (by country)

• Individual country breakdown of regulation for different media types (where applicable), gerneral regulations as well as self-regulatory codes.


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