Cross-Media Measurement

Cross-Media Measurement

Cross-Media Measurement

An industry framework for establishing a new approach to cross-media measurement

Coordinated by global brands and leading national advertiser associations, and with involvement from partners from across the ecosystem, WFA has been facilitating a programme to expedite the implementation of a new wave of cross-media measurement solution.

The business case for improved cross media measurement is clear:

  • Separate measurement systems preclude an understanding of true Reach and Frequency. This means there are considerable amounts of impressions bought which are driving diminishing or even negative value to advertisers. There is scope to prevent the wastage of billions of dollars through better measurement which, in turn, improves ROI;
  • Equally, an improved consumer experience can be delivered through avoiding the excessive ad frequencies which some have been exposed to. This is critical to avoid an apathetic (or outright hostile), reception towards advertising from our audiences;
  • Lastly, improved measurement enables the sell-side to better value their inventory to attract ad spending;

The barriers to delivering better solutions worldwide are more political and commercial than technological. Our approach to break the deadlock has been to start with the advertiser. We believe that most progress can be made, and consensus arrived at, when the industry aligns around advertiser needs, as documented in the Industry Framework, Establishing Principles For A New Approach To Cross-Media Measurement.

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A Technical Proposal for local implementation

To complement the Industry Framework, companies participating in the WFA programme, including digital platforms, were asked to collaborate on a technical design proposal as a starting point for industry discussion. The development of this proposal was overseen by members. 

The Proposal includes four key components:

  1. Panels;
  2. Census Data & Identity;
  3. Private Reach and Frequency Estimator; and
  4. System Outputs.

These components meet the guiding advertiser principles set out in the Industry Framework, and when combined as a working measurement service, potentially provide a powerful means of measuring impressions across screens. 

The Proposal has been through an international peer review exercise to provide clarity to the industry on how it works. The ANA (US) and ISBA (UK) are now independently exploring how the work of the peer review can be taken a step further with extensive local validation.

WFA looks forward to ongoing dialogue and collaboration with the industry as the learning from these local initiatives is shared internationally and as the new wave of cross-media measurement solutions are brought into life.

Click the below links to download WFA cross-media measurement documents. As living documents, both will be continually updated to reflect the unfolding local validations and implementations: 

For enquiries about the programme or either of the above documents, please get in touch at

What industry leaders are saying

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