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Halo & Global Cross-Media Measurement

<p>Halo &amp; Global Cross-Media Measurement</p>

‘North Star’ principles to propel the industry forwards

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Coordinated by global brands and leading national advertiser associations, and with involvement from partners from across the ecosystem, WFA has been facilitating a powerful programme of work designed to expedite the implementation of a new wave of cross-media measurement solution, globally.

Our work began with the establishment of advertiser-centric ‘North Star’ requirements, as documented in our Industry Principles document.

‘Halo’ - A new technological framework & collaboration

As a follow-up, with advertiser oversight, a WFA working group produced a new technological concept, as an expression of the principles, designed to measure cross-media Reach and Frequency.

Since early 2021, our advertiser-led, multi-stakeholder programme ‘Halo’ has been breathing life into this concept. Principally this has been through the production of open-source software code, available to anyone wishing to deploy our pioneering new approach to measurement.

ANA and ISBA (Origin) are taking the lead, with exciting local pilots running concurrently, both based on the foundational ‘common components’ being developed by Halo.

WFA is working with its network of National Advertiser Associations to support deployments of the same technology elsewhere in the world.

Contact and resources

As the mission to spread advertiser-centric measurement around the world continues, any and all advertisers are welcome to get involved with Halo. And as an industry utility, any player with an interest in measurement should get in touch.

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