Planet Pledge

Planet Pledge

plan to make marketing part of the solution

Companies across a multitude of sectors are taking action to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

But the industry as a whole has a conundrum to reconcile. Traditionally seen as a ‘consumption driver,’ is marketing at odds with sustainable life on our planet? Or can modern marketing instead be seen as a catalyst for more sustainable thinking and behaviours?

WFA members connect with billions of individuals on a daily basis. Their communications can promote and reinforce attitudes and behaviours which will help the world meet the challenges laid out in the UN SGDs.

WFA member organisations have already made significant efforts to address the SDGs.  Building on these existing member efforts and a host of initiatives already led by different organisations and trade bodies around the world, the WFA is introducing a new initiative – Planet Pledge.

Planet Pledge is a framework designed to galvanise action from marketers within its membership. 

The Report

Saving our planet is now a communications challenge

Sir David Attenborough
The Pledge

The pledges



to being a part of, and a champion for, the global Race to Zero campaign, and encourage your marketing supply chain to do the same



the capability of marketing organisations to lead for climate action, by providing tools and guidance for your marketers and agencies



the power of your marketing communications to drive more sustainable consumer behaviours



a trustworthy marketing environment, where sustainability claims can be easily substantiated so that consumers can trust the marketing messages they are presented with

Pledge Signatories

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What marketing leaders say

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Planet Pledge Roadmap



Third Party Tools

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