Sustainability Stories

<p>Sustainability Stories</p>

Can marketing help build a more sustainable future for our planet?

Marketing communications can promote and reinforce attitudes and behaviours which will help the world meet the challenges laid out in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Signatory companies to WFA’s Planet Pledge commit to harnessing the power of their communications to promote sustainable behaviours, which are in line with the SDGs, with their employees and consumers at large.

To help enable this, WFA has committed to sharing successful initiatives in order to inspire more companies to take action. This collection of sustainability stories is the first step on that journey.

We would welcome information about your own experiences and actions (anonymously if you prefer). You can share your story here.


Brands harnessing the power of storytelling to drive more sustainable consumer behaviours

Case studies

  1.    Levi's - Buy Better, Wear Longer

    Levi's - Buy Better, Wear Longer

    Good things come to those who wear their jeans longer

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  2.    Nike - Sneakerheads 4 Sustainability

    Nike - Sneakerheads 4 Sustainability

    Hot sneakers, cool planet

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  3.    LEGO - Hit Replay

    LEGO - Hit Replay

    Sustainbility is child's play, really!

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  4.    adidas - Flotsam to fashion

    adidas - Flotsam to fashion

    Fashion that is anything but trashy

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  5.    Mars - Adopt away!

    Mars - Adopt away!

    Finding forever homes for furry friends

    Read more about "Mars - Adopt away!"
  6.    VW - Online and environmentally friendly

    VW - Online and environmentally friendly

    Surfing sensibly, driving sustainability

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  7.    IKEA - B(l)ack Friday

    IKEA - B(l)ack Friday

    Reuse, recycle, rebate!

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Brands committed to being a part of the solution and encouraging their supply chain to do the same.

Case studies

  1.    Volvo - Climate Change Crash test

    Volvo - Climate Change Crash test

    Ensuring safety inside and outside of the car.

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  2.    Diageo - Drink sustainably

    Diageo - Drink sustainably

    Looking ahead to a more sustainable future

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  3.    Danone - Integrating sustainability

    Danone - Integrating sustainability

    Healthy food, healthy planet, healthy company

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  4.    Mastercard - Card-carrying tree lovers

    Mastercard - Card-carrying tree lovers

    Partnering for the planet? Priceless!

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Brands scaling the capability of marketing organisations to lead for climate action, by providing tools and guidance.

Case studies

  1.    Case studies pending

    Case studies pending

    See what's coming up next

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  2.    Case studies pending

    Case studies pending

    Check back soon!

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