Advertising Expenditure Forecast

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Pre-Covid-19, the global ad industry was predicted to grow by over 4% in 2020, to represent US$666 billion. As with all industries, the ad market has been radically destabilised and these predictions will need revision.

WFA is partnering with Zenith to give members access to Zenith’s regularly updated global Advertising Expenditure Forecasts.

The report includes spend data by medium and by year for 82 markets and includes historical data backdated to 2008. Also included are background economic data such as GDP growth and consumer price inflation rates, which help put the advertising expenditure figures into context.

Latest report issued: December 2019 (new reports will be issued on a quarterly basis)

Forecast Versions


Key take-outs from the full report

Non-WFA members may access an executive summary version of the data.

Data includes:
• Global and regional ad spend summaries
• Forecasts by leading advertising markets
• Global ad spend trends by medium

Access the data by clicking on the image to the right.

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All the data for WFA members

Data includes:
• Full written report including global, regional and market-level ad spend data (for 82 markets)
• Global ad spend trends by medium
• Accompanying spreadsheets covering worldwide summaries and raw data per market

Access the data by clicking on the image to the right.

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These numbers are collected by Zenith.

For questions or issues with access and downloading the data please contact Max Schmidt.
Inquiries regarding the report itself or the information within should be directed at Jonathan Barnard.