Founded in 2004, Contagious is an editorial intelligence and advisory service. Through objective advice and analysis of the world’s very best marketing ideas we provide marketers with the knowledge, culture and skills to inspire and enable contagious creativity. The kind of ideas that add value to people’s lives, grow brands and spread like wildfire.

Contagious intelligence helps marketers learn from the best, so that they can be the best.

Our services include: 

Contagious I/O / An online intelligence and research platform that interrogates the 

world’s most creative and effective communications

Contagious’ Advisory / A consultancy unit, working with learning & capability teams at leading brands to help supercharge their creative output. 

Contagious Events / From Bootcamps (‘Get fit for modern marketing’) to the acclaimed Most Contagious conference (‘The Year in a Day’) Contagious events provide the global advertising industry with a roadmap for the immediate future.

Contagious Magazine / A quarterly journal that explores the latest trends and innovations in marketing and assesses the impact of emerging technologies and behaviours on brands.

Put simply, we believe that creativity kicks the living crap out of non-creative work when it comes to selling stuff.

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