Outlook 2020

Outlook 2020

Outlook 2020

OUTLOOK is an industry-wide view on how media prices are forecast to evolve, globally, in the year ahead. It’s intended to help clients, and the industry at large, plan their media budgets and control their own exposure to inflation.

The 2020 data in Outlook was forecasted pre-COVID. An updated forecast will be provided as soon as industry data becomes available. 

In the interim, we have gathered qualitative perspectives on how markets and pricing are predicted to behave across Q3 and Q4 of 2020.

WFA collects forecast data from leading media agencies and media consultants. Seventeen companies submitted data for OUTLOOK2020, including:

Accenture, AuditStar, Cortex Media, DentsuAegis, DG2, Worldwide Group, Ebiquity, ECI Media Management, EMM, Havas, ID Comms, MAGNA GLOBAL (IPG MediaBrands), Media Path, Omnicom Media Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers, R3, Stars, Zenith Media

We include over 50 markets across 7 media types. Global, regional and other summaries are weighted by spend, using Zenith’s ad spend data.

All data processing is managed by WFA and no data is shared on an individual level outside of the organisation. WFA’s strategic partner Digital Decisions, is responsible for hosting the interface.

To view the results in full screen, please click here.

These numbers represent average price inflation in its broadest sense and various assumptions have been made. For example, these data are based on:

  • full calendar year
  • all channels/publications/sites, etc
  • full range of dayparts mixture of buying routes

Ultimately these forecasts are just that, forecasts only. This data is not intended to dictate the level of fees paid to agencies in any way, which are entirely the subject of individual negotiation.

WFA members can download the full data as an Excel file (XLS) here

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