About Spotlight: Preparing for digital media’s privacy-first future

Spotlight: Preparing for digital media’s privacy-first future - About

The changing nature of data privacy is fundamentally redefining the way in which online audiences are measured and targeted by advertisers.

Join this first in a series of webinars as we hear from thought-leaders from all sides of the industry, on the changes that are coming and the preparation that advertisers need to be doing now and in the near future.

First in our series of thought-leaders will be Katie Eyton (Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, Omnicom Media Group) and James Aylett (Managing Director Technology, Annalect), who introduce the agency lens. Katie and James will concentrate on headline privacy issues affecting advertisers, such as the demise of the third party cookie and Apple’s new App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework. There are many issues (known and unknown) associated with these changes and Katie and James will provide a summary of how advertisers can prepare.

When registering, please feel free to submit your questions in advance to ensure the webinar answers as many of your concerns, questions, and challenges in relation to privacy and identity.

10:30am New York | 3:30pm London | Other time zones


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