About APAC Spotlight Sonic Branding: The Power of Sound in Building Your Brand Identity

APAC Spotlight Sonic Branding: The Power of Sound in Building Your Brand Identity - About

How sonic branding differentiates your brand and create a more meaningful connection with your customers.  

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Sonic branding is the art of creating a unique sound identity for your brand. With consumers being bombarded with ads and information every day, it's becoming increasingly challenging for marketers to cut through the noise and grab their attention. This is where sonic branding comes in - it enables marketers to create a distinct sound that instantly identifies their brand and helps them stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Research has shown that sonic branding has a significant impact on brand recall and recognition. A well-crafted sound identity can help consumers recall a brand more easily and create a deeper emotional connection with it. This makes it an incredibly powerful tool for marketers who want to enhance their brand's reputation, increase customer loyalty, and drive sales.

Join our guest speakers, Michael Boumendil - Founder and President of Sixième Son (world leader agency in Sonic Branding), and Florent Adam - Managing Director APAC, as we explore the key elements of sonic branding, including how to create a unique sound identity, the impact of sound on consumer behaviour, and the benefits of integrating sonic branding into your ad campaigns. We'll also look at some examples of real-world successful sonic branding strategies and practical tips for marketers looking to incorporate this strategy into their marketing mix.

Event date: 5 April 2023
Duration: 45 mins + 10 mins Q&A
Guest speakers:

Michael Boumendil - Founder and President, Sixième Son 
Florent Adam - Managing Director Apac, Sixième Son 

4 pm Singapore/China/HongKong | 5 pm Tokyo | 10 am Brussels Other timezones

This webinar is open to WFA members and brand members of our National Associations. 


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