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External event: MAD//Masters - About

MAD//Masters by Rory Sutherland is a 12 week CPD-accredited personal development programme aimed at marketers.


WFA members have been offered a £200 discount to attend the course by Rory Sutherland and MAD//Fest. To find out more information about the training and what it will cover, visit the dedicated website here: https://www.madfestlondon.com/masters

The course starts on the 17 April and WFA members can register with the discounted rate using the following link here. This online course is a mix of content that can be done any time as well as a fortnightly live session with Rory Sutherland. Timetable below:

17 Apr - Introduction: How we can raise the status of marketing

24 Apr - Beware marcomms! Why we need to change the perception of what marketing is and how it works

25 Apr - Live virtual seminar with Rory

2 May - Getting to know how your brand smells, heuristics and why you need to learn to talk to the elephant

9 May - Should you trust data? Why we need to experiment + embrace discovery if we want to get lucky

10 May - Live virtual seminar with Rory

15 May - Finding your competitive advantage + gain theory: why failing fast can be a risky strategy

22 May - Dare to be different + annoying! The importance of creativity + diversity in elevating your offering

27 May - Live virtual seminar with Rory

23 May - Bonus Content - Rory Sutherland meets Ritchie Mehta, CEO, School of Marketing: How to get ahead in marketing

30 May - Herd behaviour - How behavioural economics can help you speak to your board + help you become a better marketer

5 Jun - Inside the mind of the challenger: Shamil Thakrar, Co-founder, Dishoom

6 Jun - Live virtual seminar with Rory

12 Jun - Maximising your relationship with your consumers - why it pays to understand your customers

19 Jun - Inside the mind of the challenger: Alexandra Depledge, MBE, Founder and CEO, Resi

20 Jun - Live virtual seminar with Rory

26 Jun - Mind readers - How behavioural science can create better + more exciting innovation

3 Jul - How to reassert the influence of marketing within your organisation + think like a human, not a consultant

11 Jul - Live virtual seminar with Rory

All of the lectures will be available from 1pm GMT / BST on the date outlined above. All the 'Live virtual seminar with Rory' sessions will take place on the dates outlined above at 1-3pm GMT / BST.

For questions on the MAD//Masters course content and modules, please contact sam@madfestlondon.com.

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