Outlook 2024

Outlook 2024

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Outlook 2024

Outlook' is a WFA member only tool that takes an industry-wide view on how media advertising prices are forecast to evolve, globally, in the year ahead. It’s intended to help clients - and the industry at large - plan their media budgets and control their own exposure to inflation.

About Outlook 2024

These results document media cost inflation and deflation trends for 2023 (Actuals) and 2024 (Forecasts). Results are based on the anonymized and aggregated datasets provided from eight major media groups and consultancies:

  • Cortex Media
  • Dentsu
  • Ebiquity
  • Havas
  • IPG
  • Omnicom Media Group
  • Publicis
  • PwC

We would also like to thank local consultancies that have helped contribute to the anonymized and aggregated datasets:

  • STARS (Poland)
  • MediaHub (Romania)
  • MediaAudit Korea (S Korea)
  • SPI (Japan)
  • Bakara (Israel)
  • Yurddas & Partners (Turkey)

Methodology, project management and data collection are conducted by the WFA. With thanks to our partners Cortex Media and Ebiquity for supporting through advice abd processing anonymous datasets. Only WFA has access to individual contributor data.