Cookies and similar technologies


We use cookies and similar technologies on the WFA website ('Website'). The cookies and similar technologies we use are divided into these categories:

  1. Strictly necessary
  2. Preferences
  3. Analysis
  4. External

We use these cookies and similar technologies for several purposes as described below.

You can learn more about controlling the cookies that may be placed in the following web browsers or applications: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Brave and Safari.

Cookies and similar technologies

When talking about cookies and similar technologies, WFA differentiates five types of technologies:

  1. Persistent cookie
  2. Session cookie
  3. Local storage
  4. Session storage
  5. IndexedDB

All of these technologies contain pieces of information depending on their use. In the table below you can find the most common characteristics and differences.

Persistent cookie

Session cookie

Local storage

Session storage



Capacity 4kb 4kb 5mb 5mb 50mb
Storage location browser + server browser + server browser browser browser
Accessible from any window any window any window current tab any window

Expiration date

Based on expiry time
30min. after last activity or when window is closed


Can be protected towards browser access

Single domain, subdomains and current browser tab

Single domain and current browser tab

Current browser tab

We refer to all of these technologies as 'cookies' throughout the remainder of this page.

Cookie categories

Strictly necessary cookies

WFA uses strictly necessary cookies to ensure that the website functions properly. Without these cookies, we would not be able to provide basic services, such as remembering the visitor’s login information or their cookie preferences. We describe the cookie, its function and expiration below:






session cookie


preserves visitor states across page requests

ppms_privacy_#GUID# persistent cookie 7 days

stores whether the user has accepted the cookie consent box

accept_cookies persistent cookie 7 days stores whether the user has accepted the cookie consent box
ppms_webstorage local storage never stores information about created cookies to prevent data loss that may happen because of some mechanisms used by browsers, for example, Safari’s ITP
tC, tPL, tMQ, tTf, t3D, tTDu, tTDe, tADu, tADe, tTE, tAE, tnsApp local storage never stores browser capability variables for Tiny Slider
probase_notice persistent cookie 1 day stores information about notices shown to the visitor
pbTrackIds-#DOMAIN#[] session cookie session used to identify logged in visitors
cachekey session cookie session used for performance and load balancing
pb-sa-#ID# session cookie session used for performance and load balancing
pbSurvey[#ID#] persistent cookie 1 year stores information on non-logged in visitors about form submissions

Optional cookies

Provided that you have accepted the use of cookies, we will use cookies in the following categories for additional purposes. Our use of optional cookies is in addition to our use of  strictly necessary cookies.

For preferences

We use preference cookies to store your preferences, so they can be applied during your next visit to our website.

For analysis

As part of Piwik PRO, the web analytics application we use, WFA also uses optional cookies and similar technologies for web analytics. Those cookies and technologies allow WFA to gather information about how a visitor interacts with our website. That information helps us to improve our website and provide a better user experience.

Please note that these cookies and technologies do not collect any personal information (info that identifies you personally) and that all data collected via Piwik PRO is fully anonymised and not transferred outside of the European Union.

For more information on the cookies that are used by Piwik PRO, see this overview and note that if you agree to the use of analytics cookies when you use the Website, Piwik PRO's terms govern the way your data is collected and used.

For external content

In addition to our own cookies, we may also use optional third-party cookies from external services, such as YouTube, Vimeo and Microsoft Power BI. Those cookies are placed by the third-party service and allow us to integrate their functionality into our website, such as by placing embedded videos from Vimeo or Power BI analytics on our website.

Please note that these third-party services may also use their own cookies to track user behaviour on their own websites. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of these third-party services to learn more about their data collection and usage practices:

As with all optional cookies, you have the option to reject these cookies, but this impacts the functionality of the Website and the features provided by these third-party services and may mean that you are unable to access certain parts of the WFA website.


If you have any other questions about our Cookie Policy, do not hesitate to contact us.