Digital Media Benchmark

The Digital Media Benchmark is an anonymised benchmark that breaks down performance by country, region and channel. The benchmark will be updated every quarter to serve as a dynamic resource to the whole industry that will create a new level of accountability in digital media.

All data is submitted quarterly by key industry partners Adloox, DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science, Meetrics and MOAT (from Q4 2019), in order to create a live repository of reported viewability, brand safety and detected ad fraud data.

Processing all data is managed by WFA’s strategic partner Digital Decisions on a quarterly basis, along with hosting the interface and presenting key insights to the industry.

DISCLAIMER: The viewability/fraud/brand safety data reported here does not represent the entire market. The benchmark reflects the level of digital quality as reported by the participating vendors, and this includes only impressions from advertisers that have deployed ad verification technology and are, as such, arguably more advanced. Actual issues with fraud and brand safety go beyond the reported figures, and advertisers should be – and remain – vigilant to combat this, both individually and as an industry.

The Digital Media Benchmark will evolve over time, increasing the number of markets and channels when minimum data thresholds have been met. The data suppliers are currently unavailable to submit social quality data due to agreements with media owners. We are working to hopefully release social benchmark data in the near future.

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