About Webinar: Client-agency performance evaluations: the agency view

Webinar: Client-agency performance evaluations: the agency view - About

One of the most valuable tools an advertiser has to elevate their client-agency relationship and performance is a formal agency evaluation program.


While a lot has been written about agency evaluations from the client’s perspective, there has been little coverage of the agency’s side and their perspective. WFA and Decideware have reached out to 36 agencies who generously shared their experience in relation to client-agency performance evaluation programs.

In this 60-minute webinar, Steven Wales, Chief Revenue Officer, Decideware will share the headline findings, and answer questions that attendees may have. Presentation to include:

  • Current perceptions of agencies about client-agency evaluation programs
  • KPIs that agencies value the most, and those that they value the least
  • 10 recommendations for successful client-agency performance evaluations

9am New York | 2pm London | Other timeszones - REGISTER HERE

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