About Spotlight: The impact of the pandemic on the agency business

Spotlight: The impact of the pandemic on the agency business - About

Structures, financial and predictions – what WFA members should watch out for.

Ebiquity, our guest speakers in this spotlight have been gathering insights on the impact of the pandemic so far on the agency business and will provide a holistic view of the various steps that have been taken among major agency holdings across the globe such as freezing in hiring, furloughs, redundancies & salary cuts to maintain their financial health. The session will also include some top tips on how to enhance diversity and get the right mix of talent when working with agency holdings.  

WFA members are given the opportunity to find answers to their most burning questions in relation to global agency holding networks. Either pre-submit your questions or store them up – Ebiquity will do their best to answer as many of them during the live session.

Speaker: Priya Thakorbhai Patel – Principal Consultant Ebiquity Media

Session 1: 9am London | 5pm Singapore | Other timezones - REGISTER HERE
Session 2: 11am New York | 4pm London | Other timezones - REGISTER HERE

This webinar is for WFA members only.

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