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This Webinar is for marketing, media and sourcing specialists who are responsible for Media Contracts and have a particular interest in understanding the nuances of contracting within the Chinese marketplace.

If you are currently reviewing or plan to review your current Media Contracts in the immediate future and are particularly interested in knowing what to look out for when it comes to China, this webinar is for you.


The session will have a dual focus:

  • 1. Media Contracts – Setting the Framework: In opening, we will revisit the building blocks of strong contracts and call out the key areas that Brands must include in negotiations
  • 2. Contract Guidance for China: This second part shines the spotlight on China and highlights local considerations and watchouts unique to the Chinese market.
  • Q&A: To close, members will have the opportunity to have their questions on media contracts in China answered by our presenters.

Session details: 9am Brussels | 4pm Singapore | 5pm Japan | Other timezones

This session is held in partnership with Firm Decisions and WFA members will have the opportunity to hear from David Brocklehurst, Founder and Global Chairman as well as Jocelyn Wang, Managing Director – China.

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