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Boasting over a 1200 marketing sourcing contacts around the world, the Sourcing Forum has been referred to as a group of “enlightened marketing procurement specialists”.

Topic: Tech & tools in marketing procurement

Automation and digital investments can bring powerful resources for global marketing sourcing teams willing to operate more efficiently and drive their business forward. But how to select the right tech when there are so many around? How to balance what we want, what we need and what we can afford? How to integrate new tools with existing ones across brands and markets? How to manage the perceptions of marketing counterparts or agencies? How many tools do we need and what’s next?

This session will give WFA peers the chance to come together to tackle common challenges & identify potential solutions in a ‘warts-and-all’ format under the Chatham House Rule. This is an invitation-only event with no agencies, consultants nor platforms, just global marketing sourcing leaders sharing with, and learning from, their peers.

9:00-10.30am New York | 2:00-3.30pm London | Other timezones

Limited to 2 peers per WFA member company.  

Invitation only. Please email Laura l.forcetti@wfanet.org if you would like to join.

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