About Spotlight: Embracing the messiness of culture

Spotlight: Embracing the messiness of culture - About

Culture is messy, misunderstood and hard to pin down. But its impact on marketing and communications is far too huge to ignore.


Brands are increasingly becoming cognisant of their place in culture and how to use this to commercial advantage. And this is not just about cutting-edge brands targeting young audiences. Culture belongs to everyone and shapes future trajectories across multiple categories. The matter is often challenging for WFA members playing in the global business landscape.

Andy Crysell, CEO and founder of cultural insights and strategy consultancy Crowd DNA, presents a guide to embracing the messiness of culture. On 27 June, Andy will be joined by El Pigram (Crowd DNA head of agency APAC), and on June 29 by Hina Hussain (Crowd DNA head of agency NYC).

Join this 45min session if you wish to learn more about:

- What even is culture
- Debunking the myths and why does culture matter
- What are the building blocks of working with culture
- Examples of how it impacts the home, premium and luxury, apparel, food & drink sectors.  

Session 1: EMEA & APAC
Tue 27 June
8am London | 3pm Singapore | Other timezones

Session 2: EMEA & Americas
Thu 29 Jun
11am New York | 4pm London | Other timezones

This webinar is open to:

  • WFA members
  • Brand members of WFA national advertiser associations


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