WFA Guide to Potential Areas for Bias in the Creative Process

Diversity & Representation: Guide to potential areas for bias in the creative process

Increasingly, brands have to be nimble and agile. Working at speed can mean cutting corners in the creative process. This is when mistakes can happen and the resultant creative can fail to represent society in all its diversity.

This new framework highlights 12 key areas where bias can occur, aiming to provide brands and their agencies with practical guidance that helps them avoid such pitfalls and ensure that content is as representative and inclusive as possible.

"Many companies trying to drive this change don’t know where to start, and often the barriers to representative creative come in the form of unconscious bias. This guide aims to highlight some of the simple nudges and critical questions marketers can use to avoid the gaps in representation that these biases can create" - Jerry Daykin, GSK Senior Media Director and WFA Global Diversity Ambassador

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Get the report

Get the report

What's in the guide?

  • A roadmap of the 12 key areas where bias can occur in the creative process
  • Sets of questions that can be used as a litmus test at every stage
  • Key resources that can be used to tackle any gaps or areas of concern
  • brand examples to illustrate every stage of the process, from creative briefing to insight and localisation to media placement