Global Marketing Procurement: 2020 and beyond

Global Marketing Procurement: 2020 and beyond

Combining the strength of the WFA network bringing together over 1,300 marketing procurement practitioners across the globe with Tina Fegent’s expertise in building marketing procurement functions and capabilities over the past 25 years, this WFA report follows the publication of WFA’s Project Spring and shows the current state of marketing procurement, identifies trends in structures and ways of working, investigates the career path of the function and provides some food for thought of how the discipline could evolve beyond 2020.

Content includes:

  1. Current scope & categorisation of marketing by procurement
  2. Ways of working & governance in marketing procurement
  3. The career path of marketing procurement (diversity & inclusion, talent acquisition, training programs, talent retention)
  4. Looking at the future (emerging categories, in-housing strategies, AI & automation)

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