DEI Census 2023: results

The Global DEI Census 2023



From March to April 2023, we ran Wave 2 of the Global DEI Census, a worldwide survey investigating the state of our industry and tracking any changes since the first Global Census in 2021. Nearly 13,000 marketing professionals from 91 countries filled in the 2023 survey. These are the top 10 take-outs:

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What was the ask?

We asked people about their experience at the workplace when it comes to:

  • people’s sense of belonging
  • their experience of negative behaviour
  • discrimination

And further...

  • Women, the LGBTQI+ community, ethnic minorities and disabled respondents still have worse experiences. They are most likely to be unfairly spoken over, undervalued, made feel uncomfortable or bullied;
  • Disabled people report the worst experiences by far;
  • Ethnic minorities and women feel underrepresented when it comes to senior positions;
  • Inclusion scores remain the same as in 2021 according to Kantar’s Inclusion Index;
  • Age, gender and family status are still the most common forms of discrimination;
  • There is a lot of work to do to retain the talent we need.

Next steps

Local reports will help industry coalitions target the changes most needed at national level - and help them monitor progress. The WFA Global DEI Taskforce will help global organisations divert their resources to fixing the biggest challenges.

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