Aggregated Measurement Report Vol 1

GARM Aggregated Measurement Report, Volume 1 (April 2021)

Since our launch, we’ve been focused on creatingvalue for society and the advertising industry in three strategic focus areas:

  1. Establishing shared, common definitions on harmfulcontent for advertising & media
  2. Improving and creating common brand safety toolsacross the industry
  3. Driving mutual accountability, and independent verification and oversight

The GARM Aggregated Measurement Report is our first solution inaccountability.

This report, like other GARM solutions, advances existing individual practices and establishes a common framework for better access, understanding, and for driving better practices.

It’s really helpful for us to know what kind of people are interested in GARM’s work. This helps us develop more useful content in the future. We won’t ask for any personal details (unless you want to know more about GARM), but we would love to know (anonymously) what organisation you work for and your level of seniority.

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