WFA's Global Sourcing Board: Our journey forward

<p>WFA's Global Sourcing Board: Our journey forward</p>

About the report

In 2019, 12 passionate individuals came together with the goal of unifying efforts to advance both individual and collective mastery and impact in marketing procurement. In 2020,we delivered Project Spring, setting a standard for companies on a journey toward best-inclass marketing procurement capability.

From this foundation, we focused on how to go broader and deeper in our own companies building towards shared accountabilities with our marketing counterparts and creating an industry reputation for our function as a true business partner in both strategic and tactical interventions through industry events, monthly meetings, and 1-1 mentoring acrosscompanies.

In our third year, we are excited to continue to accelerate the ‘how to’ in priority areas of Performance, People (internal), and Partners(external) so that our efforts can reach and impact companies, whether they are starting new on this journey – defined as the ‘tactical’ phase – or seeking to elevate and accelerate their existing mastery and programs towards an ‘optimized’ or ‘leading’ organization to accelerate the positive impact our businesses can have on the lives of the people they touch.

We look forward to continuing to connect, enable, and grow the marketing procurement discipline together and hope you will join us in this effort!

Our vision

To be the trusted partner of global brand investment strategies, from sourcing to resourcing marketing and drive the business forward.

Our mission

To define world-class marketing procurement and set the recommended standards that members of ourcommunity should uphold.

About the Sourcing Forum

The Sourcing Forum is a network for global marketing procurement specialists to improve the effectiveness of their function with stakeholders, partners and the industry. 

The rise of marketing procurement has been much talked about, with commentary centred on efficiencies and savings. Yet the focus of this network is increasingly on value: whether through value-based approaches to remuneration, capability assessments or scope of work alignment.

If you would like to engage or learn more, please get in touch with WFA’s Sourcing Forum lead: Laura Forcetti.

For more information or questions, please contact us