Data Safety Index

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Compliance begins and ends with transparency

The lack of transparency in the digital supply chain means unintentional, unlawful and even unethical practices go unseen, potentially exposing companies to irreparable brand harm and exposing them to regulatory fines. The Compliant™ platform delivers ultimate transparency, complementing your existing privacy and data governance initiatives. 

Our suite of products enable global brands to monitor, measure and benchmark privacy compliance across their media supply chain:

Compliant Audit Technology (CAT) queries up to 16 unique and proprietary points of data articulation using AI-powered and human-reviewed elements to provide the most sophisticated site audit specifically designed for owned site compliance validation, risk identification and supply chain compliance regulatory risk alerts.

The Data Safety Index (DSI) measures systematic privacy and compliance risks, allowing you to benchmark 5 different categories of risk by market, sector, brand and publisher. This industry-leading scoring and ratings methodology has been operating since 2018 and includes one of the largest digital media compliance-focused audit databases in the world.

The Compliant Platform organizes CAT data, DSI scores and other third party data to provide a clear and comprehensive visualization of privacy compliance across your O&O media. As you’d expect, you can cut the data in any number of ways. The platform also generates bespoke recommendations to resolve compliance failures and mitigate risk. Auto-alerts and recommendations are updated as new CAT audits are completed.