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Meeting for global/regional media directors or similar

In a ‘warts-and-all’ format under the Chatham House Rule, WFA’s Media Forum provides peers the chance to come together to discuss and tackle common media challenges and further our industry’s agenda.

Topic: Going long and short: Getting the global balance right

That media effectiveness is in decline due to so-called “short-termism”, has been well-reported on, with luminaries such as Peter Field and Les Binet leading the charge.

Clearly digital has been a big factor in leading us here. And it doesn’t help that the tools for measuring long-term brand health are challenged.

In this session, Gianluca Toccafondi (Global Integrated Media Manager, IKEA) and Michel Lambert (ex-Global Media Director, Carlsberg, P&G and others) will reflect on the day-to-day challenges of getting the balance right between long and short-term media strategies from a global role.

We will then open the floor for questions and a round-table discussion.

9am New York | 2pm London | Other time zones

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