About National Associations x GARM: February 2022 meeting

National Associations x GARM: February 2022 meeting - About

This meeting is open to WFA national association members 

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Founded in the summer of 2019, the Global Alliance for Responsible Media is a cross-industry initiative that addresses the challenge of harmful content on digital media platforms and its monetization via advertising. The GARM initiative drives uncommon collaboration among advertisers, agencies, media owners, platforms and industry bodies so that the media industry can best work together to improve safety and the sustainability of digital media. 

Please see the agenda below:

  • Preview GARM's 2022 plan and strategy 
  • National Association highlight: showcase organization that has successfully implemented GARM framework
  • Discuss GARM resourcing: logistical and management requests of National Associations
  • Review cadence of work and where GARM can provide support 


February 15th 2022
8:00am New York | 1:00pm London | 2:00pm Brussels | Other timezones


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