About Spotlight: A Brand's Guide to Retail Media

Spotlight: A Brand's Guide to Retail Media - About

Retail media advertising had an incredible year of growth in 2021 and 2022, particularly in the US which has led to it being one the most talked about emerging areas within the global media landscape.

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Amazon Advertising finally released their retail media results which showed that the Amazon digital advertising business is now just behind the likes of Google and Facebook and we have also seen numerous new retail media networks announced in the US, Europe and Australia with plenty more on the way.

But where do brands fit into the picture? How should they react and what plans should they put in place to develop this new channel?  In this webinar Colin Lewis of Retail Media Works (CMO, Marketing Week Columnist, Educator, Retail Media Expert) will look to demonstrate how brands can create a retail media strategy by accessing first-party data, delivering measurable performance and reaching shoppers right across the online customer journey.

11am New York | 4pm London | Other timezones

This webinar is for:
- WFA Corporate members
- The client-side members of the national advertiser associations in WFA membership


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