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Less budget. Less time. Less resources. These challenges can fuel a new way of approaching content operations that boosts efficiency, quality, and results.

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When we talk about transforming global content operations, the sheer scale of the idea may feel overwhelming. It’s not an easy ask. But it can be broken down into manageable goals that focus on reducing waste, uniting teams, and increasing efficiency. Bottom line: better results can be achieved even in the face of deep pressure.

Join this 60-minute webinar with WFA’s strategic partner for content, Brilliant Noise, and hear stories of pragmatic, nimble responses to marketing operations challenges at brands including adidas, BMW, and American Express.

You’ll learn how to:
• Speed up content operations and find inefficiencies that can unlock budget and resources for innovation and working media;
• Use the power of rapid test-and-learn experiments to energise teams and understand what works fast – such as atomic content;
• Achieve savings and sustainability goals with quicker, more effective content production.

Guest speaker: CEO of Brilliant Noise, Antony Mayfield.

WFA members can watch the recording of this webinar here


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