About Spotlight: Client-agency performance evaluations: 2022 update

Spotlight: Client-agency performance evaluations: 2022 update - About

Decideware and the WFA returned again late 2022 to dig deeper into the relationship dynamics and efficiencies between marketers and agencies.

This survey built on the foundation created by previous years inquisition & analysis is the most thorough ever explored by the partnership.

Calling on both multinational marketers & agencies Decideware and the WFA looked behind the curtain of performance evaluations between them and areas impacted due to them; in the quasi-post-quasi-continuous COVID 19 professional environment, it has never been more pertinent to understand where our relationships are most, and least, effective.

During this session, Ed McFadden, Chief Growth Officer at Decideware will take us through the survey in its entirety and not only discuss this iteration's findings, but also juxtapose them with previous years showing trends in these relationship dynamics. Ranging from simple performance evaluation perceptions to key disparities in ideal versus actual KPI allocation, Ed plans to leave no stone unturned when it comes to the agency-marketer performance evaluation relationship.

Key areas of the report include:

  1. Performance evaluation perception, frequency, and medium
  2. KPI selection, value, and perception
  3. Marketer-on-agency evaluation frequency & perception
  4. Agency remuneration linked to performance evaluations
  5. Recommendations on how our industry should proceed

11am New York | 4pm London | Other timezones


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