About ICAS-WFA Webinar: Food Marketing & Children. What next for advertising self-regulation?

ICAS-WFA Webinar: Food Marketing & Children. What next for advertising self-regulation? - About

For many years now, marketing of food and beverages to children has been under scrutiny by regulators, intergovernmental bodies, NGOs and other stakeholders and its association with obesity continues to be debated in society and the media. Despite robust self-regulatory codes and industry pledges, such as the IFBA guidelines or the EU pledge, the WHO is moving from an approach where it recognizes self-regulation as part of the policy options recommended to member states to an approach where it promotes mandatory restrictions. This pressure is also tangible at member state level, with several countries introducing or considering new restrictive laws.

At this joint ICAS-WFA webinar, we will look at the regulatory pressures on food marketing at global level, the IFBA policies and will focus on self-regulatory approaches in countries where the pledge criteria have been codified into national SR codes. Together with national advertiser associations, SROs, WFA and IFBA, we will discuss how self-regulatory approaches can be strengthened at local level to make them more effective and work better for consumers, businesses, and regulators. 

Please join us on 28 November at 12:15pm UTC (find your time zone here)!

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Confirmed speakers: 

Rebecka Allén, Senior Policy Manager, WFA

Richard Bean, Executive Director, Ad Standards Australia

Megan McEwin, Director of Policy & Regulatory Affairs, AANA

Otto van der Harst, Director, SRC, The Netherlands

Fiona Vening, Compliance, Copy Advice and Training, SRC, The Netherlands

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