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Workshop: data ethics in practice - About

WFA’s data ethics workshops aim to operationalise the key recommendations put forward in the CMO Guide to Data Ethics in Practice  

This session forms part of WFA’s new data ethics workstream, which comes following the publication of The CMO Guide to Data Ethics in Practice.

The objective of these workshops is to help WFA members better understand the practical steps they can take to support their organisations’ data ethics journey.

The first series of workshops will focus on cultures and behaviours, deep diving into how WFA members across marketing, media, legal, policy and other functions can foster a culture of data ethics internally and empower their organisation to do the right thing with data.

The outcome of the workshops will be a series of 'toolkits'  operationalising a set of practical recommendations for how to build, maintain and measure an internal culture of ethics.  

If you would like to join this meeting but are unable to register, please reach out to Gabrielle Robitaille at g.robitaille@wfanet.org


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