About Spotlight: An update on Google’s Privacy Sandbox

Spotlight: An update on Google’s Privacy Sandbox - About

The changing nature of data privacy is fundamentally redefining the way in which online audiences are measured and targeted by advertisers.

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In 2020, Google announced that they would be phasing out third-party cookies in Chrome and that they would no longer support any future attempts to track individuals as they browse across the web, signalling major implications for the global advertising industry.

While the deadline was initially set for the end of this year, Google have extended the deadline to the second half of 2024 in order to have more time to test the various alternatives being developed as part of their ‘Privacy Sandbox’ initiative.

During this session, Google along with their external ad-tech partners will present the results from their recent Privacy Sandbox tests and will look take any questions advertisers may have on their upcoming Privacy Sandbox Solution. 

This is the sixth webinar in a series of webinars from thought-leaders from all sides of the industry, on the changes that are coming and the preparation that advertisers need to be doing now and in the near future. Past webinars can be re-watched here

Session 1 APAC Focus: 9am London | 4pm Singapore | Other Timezone
Session 2 Global Focus: 11am New York | 4pm London | Other Timezone

This webinar is open to:

  • WFA members
  • Brand members of WFA national advertiser associations


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