About Webinar: Action Guide for Media to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Webinar: Action Guide for Media to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions - About

Following the launch of the ‘Action Guide for Media to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions’, launched at Cannes, GARM/ANZ/ISBA & the 4As will be hosting an industry-wide webinar in September to increase awareness of present-day solutions to reducing the media industry’s climate impact.

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Webinar for Advertisers, led by GARM, ISBA, AA/ANZ and the 4As

By way of reminder, the 10 actions listed in the guide are: 

Sustainable Supplier Selection & Infrastructure: 

  • Build a sustainability assured media partner list 
  • Streamline your media value chain & technology 

Optimize Assets for Media Decarbonization: 

  • Drive Asset sustainability based on media sufficiency 
  • Compress & consider length of digital creative formulas 
  • Stream content & landing destinations vs. Pre-load 

Sustainable Media Planning & Buying: 

  • Optimize flighting to include off-peak energy periods 
  • Streamline & optimize data usage 
  • Look for sustainability in print 
  • Look for sustainability in outdoor 
  • Consider emissions data in media measurement models 

These actions will be reviewed an expanded on during the webinar. 

The webinar will last an hour including 15 mins for Q&A.

11am New York | 4pm London  | Other Timezone


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