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Green Claims in Advertising Task Force - About

WFA’s Green Claims in Advertising Task Force brings together policy leads within WFA membership to discuss, plan and develop advocacy and outreach on the EU proposal on greenwashing and the upcoming EU proposal on the substantiation of green claims.

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  1. Empowering Consumers for the Green Transition (ECGT) – provisional agreement:

    WFA will update on the agreement reached by legislators on the first of the two pieces of EU law proposed to address the issue of greenwashing, and what remains to be clarified for advertisers .

  2. Green Claims Directive – next steps on advocacy:

    At the July Task Force meeting members agreed an advocacy strategy to co-sign a set of amendments drafted by the European Brand Association (AIM) in collaboration with WFA and like-minded trade associations. This was in tandem with drafting a separate set of WFA amendments to cover any outstanding advertiser issues from WFA’s position paper not addressed within.

    WFA members will examine the documents provided with a view to providing WFA with a mandate to reach out to legislators ahead of the recently published 9 November deadline for amendments to be submitted to the joint-lead European Parliament committees on the file.

This meeting is open to WFA members only.


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