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WFA’s data ethics workshops aim to operationalise the key recommendations put forward in the CMO Guide to Data Ethics in Practice

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This session marks the start of the second series of data ethics workshops aimed at helping WFA members better understand the practical steps they can take to drive forward their organisations’ data ethics journey.

The second series of remote workshops will focus on generative AI, deep diving into how legal, policy, marketing and media professionals can leverage generative AI while mitigating legal and ethical risk and without undermining trust, safety and inclusivity.

For this first one-hour remote workshop, we’ll be joined by Giles Pavey, Global Director of Data Science at Unilever. Giles will provide expert technical details into how generative AI tools work, how different models can be trained, how content is generated, and the different ways in which genAI can be used in marketing. The objective is to drive a harmonised understanding of what generative AI is, what it isn’t, and how it works.

The objective of the workshops is to develop an AI vendor risk assessment framework, helping brands analyse the risks of different (generative) AI tools. 

If you would like to join this meeting but are unable to register, please reach out to Gabrielle Robitaille at g.robitaille@wfanet.org


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