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Sponsorship has grown up.


For many brands, sponsorship used to be viscerally driven, often without any strategy and often directed by passion points that sat with executives. A brand might have sponsored cricket, for example, because the president of the company liked cricket. Success metrics were along the lines of: the president was happy, the camera-visible signage looked good, the sales team brought people (maybe customers, maybe family, maybe colleagues) to matches, and everyone had a ‘good time’.

In this new era of sponsorship, data, insights, and business science now guide this powerful marketing tool. Sponsorship delivers target efficiency and can address multiple levels of the marketing/sales funnel simultaneously. It is measurable and can therefore be effective and efficient. It is dynamic. Sponsorship can distribute value to multiple stakeholder groups across the organization, it is a rich vehicle for storytelling and brand values demonstration.

Join us to hear from our guest and strategic partner, Ian Malcolm, President, and CEO, Lumency, sharing his key takeouts from our recent report, The Evolution of Sponsorship. Will include a Q&A.

The webinar will be conducted in two different sessions: 

Session 1:Tue 6 Feb, 3pm London | 10am Toronto | Other time-zones

Session 2: Thu 8 Feb, 6pm Singapore | 5am Toronto | Other time-zones

This webinar is open to:

  • WFA members
  • Brand members of WFA National Advertiser Associations

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